Fishing tournament to benefit Lawton Animal Welfare

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) -A Medicine Park man is hosting a fishing tournament this weekend all for a good cause.

John McClain, the owner of Little Dam Bait Shop is hoping each fisherman that participates will donate a bag of dog or cat food for Lawton Animal Welfare. The tournament entry fees will also be divided up between winners of the tournament and the shelter. McClain says fishing is a good way to make memories with friends and family while helping our furry friends.

Between November and March, Medicine Creek is the spot to be when it comes to fishing for trout.

4 years ago McClain wanted to start a trout fishing tournament to give back to Lawton Animal Welfare.

"Well, I'm a dog person," said McClain. "I've been retired for about 15 years. I've been picking dogs up and strays up every time I am driving. I carry dog food with me. The Lawton Animal Shelter here is probably one of the best run I've ever seen of all the places that I have lived. The animals here are adopted out."

He even has his own furry friend that he adopted that he treats just like family.

"Oh, everything in the world," said McClain. "Our animals are a lot like our children. They're going to behave and act just like we treat them. And if we treat them good, we've got good kids. We've got great pets."

McClain says to grab a rod and reel and come on out to fish at Medicine Creek this weekend. He promises you won't regret it.

"It's spring break," said McClain. "If you've got kids and you haven't taken your kids fishing, you're probably missing out on one of the best outings of your life because all they've got to do is catch one fish and I promise you 30 years from now, they'll be taking their kids fishing."

The Wildlife Department is stocking the creek one more time before the fishing tournament Saturday. Regular trout season ends on March 15th, so the rules are altered. Each person must have a fishing license, but you are allowed to have more than one fishing rod. It is $25 for anyone 16 or older and $10 dollars for children.

It starts at 7:00 am Saturday and ends at 3:00 pm.

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