Lawton man charged for threatening LHS

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton man facing charges again for threatening to shoot up a school. 19-year-old Michael Plume is accused of making threats against Lawton High School while he was in a hospital for mental health treatment in February. A doctor told police Plume said he was inspired by the Parkland Florida school shooting.

This isn't the first time Plume has made a threat to schools. Court documents list all of the issues and threats from the past four years, some resulting in charges and conviction. The current threat plus his trouble from the past was enough for police to arrest him.

A lockdown at MacArthur High School in 2016 based on threats from Michael Plume, and a year later, he was found on the roof of Lawton High School. In both incidents, he was charged with misdemeanors and later convicted.

Since then, Lawton Public Schools police, Lawton police and even the FBI have kept Plume on their radar.

With school shootings at the forefront of a national conversation... no threat is left unturned.

"Seeing what we have seen in years past and even recently with school shooting, LPD takes everything, any threat that we hear, especially dealing with schools, seriously," Sgt. Timothy Jenkins, Lawton Police PIO said.

Plume was placed under an emergency order of detention for homicidal thoughts and plans to attack MacArthur High in February. While at the hospital, his doctor says he talked about his thoughts, specifically the ones about the Parkland Shooting and how he could do the same thing at Lawton High.

Ahead of Plume's release from the hospital, his doctor alerted Lawton police of his threats. And added Plume knows there are guns in his family's home.

Court documents also refer to quote 'worrisome posts' on Plume's social media about the Parkland shooting.

Lawton police questioned him last Wednesday.

"Through questioning and talking to him and figuring out what happened, he was subsequently arrested," Sgt. Jenkins said.

During questioning, detectives asked him how close was he was to becoming like the Parkland shooter. He replied emotionally that he doesn't want to be that person. He was arrested after questioning.

Law enforcement said it takes effort from the community to control a possible threat to the schools.

"Let us know what's happening and that way we are investigate and see what's going on," Jenkins said. "We never want anybody to get hurt, and we always want to take these things seriously.

Plume is still at Comanche County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond and has a competency hearing scheduled for April to see if he is mentally fit to face his felony charge.

Lawton Public Schools statement from Chief Hornbeck

Lawton Public Schools Police Department (LPS-PD), in collaboration with the Lawton Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has been vigilant in monitoring Michael Plume. In doing so, this led to Plume's recent mental health treatment in Midwest City and his most recent arrest.

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