Family seeking answers after loved one died in law enforcement custody

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) -A family in Walters is looking for answers after their loved one died in law enforcement custody Saturday night.

As we first told you on Monday, OSBI is investigating 55-year-old Michael Cooper's death. The family said Cooper died in a Lawton hospital Monday afternoon, after he was taken off life support.

They just want to know what happened. Law enforcement was serving a search warrant, but it wasn't even for Michael, so they are not sure how he was even involved.

Michael Cooper was the youngest of five siblings. His older brother Ric Cooper said he developed an alcohol addiction at an early age.

"Most of his life he was drinking probably about everyday of his life and he was the type of kid that would do anything for you," said Cooper.

His family took him off life support on Monday afternoon after he died in police custody.

"Its real tough I been in there on life support myself involving a car accident 30 years ago and its a tough deal. Seeing him it just broke my heart,seeing him like that," said Cooper.

When law enforcement showed up at Cooper's sisters home on Nebraska Street in Walters Saturday night they were looking for Cooper's nephew about a stolen gun. After the search warrant Michael Cooper was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Cooper said Michael was a drinker and he was well known by the police department.

"He would get drunk and he'd go down to the jail cell needing a place to sleep it off, and he's kind of like the Otis of Mayberry in Walters," said Cooper.

Regardless of Michael's past, his brother Ric said he still has one memory he still holds onto.

"When and me and my cousin were out quail hunting, he was just a young kid. We didn't let him carry a gun but when the quail got all up around him. I shot one of them that fell down and hit him in the head and it scared him to death," said Cooper.

The family is hoping for answers in his death.

"Lets step up and find what happened, I know OSBI is probably investigating this and we will find out for sure what happened," said Cooper.

Michael will be laid to rest later this week.

An official from OSBI said it can take several months for medical examiner to finish autopsy results that will show exactly how Michael Cooper died.

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