Area Public Schools plan to support teacher walkout

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Educators in Duncan are ready to stand in support with the statewide walkout.

The Duncan School Board met Tuesday to discuss a resolution to close schools in conjunction with the Oklahoma Educator Association's walkout in April.

They join the many districts across Oklahoma ready to stand in protest for a pay raise and stable classroom funding.

Oklahoma educators have not had a raise in ten years and teachers in Duncan are prepared to do whatever it takes to send a message to the Legislature.

Sonia Norton, the President for the Association of Duncan Educators said, "Well we hope that we don't have to do a walkout, but if we need to walk out then we're prepared. We're organizing, and taking care of the students, the parents are helping us out, the students are backing us.  We hope that we don't have to do a walkout, but if we do, we're prepared.

The OEA walkout is scheduled to begin April second if no pay raise legislation is passed.

Officials with Cache Public Schools and Altus Public Schools also say they would support a teacher walkout

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