Jury seated in Fairchild murder trial

KIOWA COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - A jury has been seated in Kelly Fairchild's child murder trial that originated in Frederick.

Investigators say Fairchild and her boyfriend, Gregory Miller Junior, brought her son Lane to a hospital in Tillman County back in February 2015, saying they found him unresponsive in his home.

But medical staff at the hospital contacted police when they found cuts and bruises on Lane's body. An autopsy later showed that Lane had a fractured skull.

Opening statements are expected to begin tomorrow morning in Kiowa County.
That's where the trial was moved,

Miller was already found guilty of child abuse by a Tillman County jury that recommended he serve 17 years in prison.

Despite Lane's death in Frederick, Fairchild's trial was moved from Tillman County to Kiowa County.

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