FFA 4-H Friend of the Week: Maci Dunham

CHATTANOOGA, OK (KSWO) - Maci Dunham of Chattanooga High School not only plays a vital role in her FFA Chapter, but also at home. This well-rounded sophomore raises dogs, helps work cattle, and rides horses.

Maci has been showing livestock since she was five-years-old. This year, she's been working with sheep and won Reserve Grand Ewe at the county show. She's hoping her luck continues at the Oklahoma Youth Expo this week.

"I get up at 5:45 most mornings, come to town, feed the sheep, and then I get ready for school," Dunham says. "After school, I tread sheep for an hour, work hands on, feed, then homework."

This past fall, Maci competed on the opening ceremonies team and is part of the Animal Science Quiz Bowl team. She also makes quite the hand at home. Maci's family breeds Great Danes, so she takes on those responsibilities and then some.

"We have cattle so when my dad goes off on work trips, we have to take care of the cattle, feed them and make sure they have water and bust ice," she says.

Dexter Matlock is the ag teacher in Chattanooga. He says it takes a lot of work to keep a successful FFA Chapter, and Maci plays a key part.

"Maci is kind of a behind the scenes kind of person," Matlock said. "She's not the one that will jump right out in front. She's more of the encouragement behind the scenes. She's the worker bee back behind and it makes me feel good that someone notices that other than me."

A very humble student, Maci says she's always wanted to be a role model for the younger members. Her best advice for those students is to take advantage of every opportunity they have.

"Do as much as they can right now," she said. "I wish I would have gotten started sooner in speaking events and showing. But it's one of those things. Do as much as you can while you can."

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