Duncan students participate in the National School Walkout

Duncan High School Walkout (Source KSWO)
Duncan High School Walkout (Source KSWO)
Duncan High School Walkout (Source KSWO)
Duncan High School Walkout (Source KSWO)

On Wednesday morning, about 100 students at Duncan High School walked out of class to show respect for the 17 students in killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting one month ago today. They also voiced their concerns about gun violence and safety in school.

Some students believe teachers should carry guns at the school, others said they want more security protocols in place and stricter gun laws passed by lawmakers. Overall, students agreed this walkout was a way for their voices to be heard.

"I'm walking out to support the 17 people that died in Florida and I couldn't be more proud of my school," said one student.

At 10 Wednesday morning students walked out of class and went outside to participate in the National School Walkout. The walkout lasted for 17 minutes and each minute represented the victims that were killed.

"We should start listening to what people are saying," said a student.

Some spoke about gun violence.

"Y'all do understand that the person that shot up Florida he was 18 and yes it was his dad's gun but if he had enough money he could have brought his own gun," said one student.

While others wanted to see a change inside their school when it comes to school safety.

"How about us together as a school we put together the money, or a fundraiser to make higher security for our school," one student said.

Duncan Freshman Bella Farrow helped put the event together. She and her classmates held up signs demanding change. Farrow said she is proud of her classmates.

"It made me so happy to see so many people who were willing to stand up and willing to be there and have this memorial for the students and have an open dialogue," said Farrow.

Freshman Harper Pitts said she wants to feel safer at school.

"I feel like we are safe to an extent, but I feel like we could definitely have some more security protocols even its random backpack searches similar to drug testing or metal detectors," said Pitts.

Several students agreed everyone should have the right to purchase a gun, but there needs to be stricter laws in place.

"We should do more background checks and funding for mental health and security for school. That may sound like such a minor thing but in the end it's really big and it's really important on safety for students," said Bridwell.

At the end of the walkout, students held hands and prayed together.Several teachers and administrators said they were proud of the students for standing up and speaking on issues that concern them.

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