Testimony continues in Fairchild murder trial

Testimony continues in Fairchild murder trial
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HOBERT, OK (KSWO) - Thursday, two OSBI Agents testified in Kelly Fairchild's murder trial, walking jurors through evidence that they believe shows she was responsible for her son's death.

Fairchild is charged in the 2015 death of her 18-month-old son, Lane, in Frederick. Police say he died while in the care of Fairchild and her boyfriend, Gregory Miller Junior.
Miller has already been found guilty of child abuse by a Tillman County jury but at the request of attorneys, Fairchild's trial was moved from Frederick to Hobart.

Pictures from the scene of the crime and interviews with Fairchild filled day 2 of testimony. First on the stand was Agent Jeremy Engel with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. He walked jurors through crime scene photos taken just hours after Lane died on February 27, 2015.

Those pictures showed a small mattress, lying on the floor of the home just inside the door. Both Fairchild and Miller told investigators that Lane was sharing that mattress with Miller's dog. Pictures also showed an extremely messy house, with dangerous items scattered across the living room. Marijuana, a pipe, a bong and an open bottle of whiskey were shown to be within just a few feet of where Lane was sleeping.

The next witness was OSBI Agent Roger McIver, who interviewed Fairchild several times after Lane's death. He said during her four interviews, details from Fairchild changed several times. Jurors were able to listen to three of those four interviews themselves.

In each of the interviews, Fairchild maintains that she does not have any idea of what happened to Lane, but as the interviews go on, she does include more information. In the second interview, Fairchild said she remembers seeing Miller accidentally step on Lane the night before he died. In the third interview, Fairchild admitted that she and Miller had smoked marijuana several times on the night of Lane's death.
In the third interview, McIver continued questioning Fairchild, asking if she was covering for Miller.

He asserted that there were only two people in the home with Lane when he died, so either Miller was responsible for it and she was covering for him, or she did it herself. She said she was not responsible for Lane's death, never saw Miller hurt him and never saw any of Lane's injuries.

Towards the end of that third interview, McIver again questioned whether she was covering for Miller, saying she either saw him do it and was covering for him, or was too high to notice Lane's extreme injuries that were likely on his body for several hours before he was taken to the hospital.

Testimony will resume at 9:00 a.m. on Friday.

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