UPDATE: More details released after weekend standoff in Waurika

WAURIKA, Ok (RNN Texoma) - New information has been released in a police standoff over the weekend in Waurika. 7News has now learned Donald Dalton Jr.,  the man arrested for threatening to kill a Waurika police officer, is a former Cotton County Reserve Deputy.

According to court records, an officer responded to Dalton's home on Northeast 8th Street in Waurika just after midnight on Sunday morning. When that officer arrived, a woman ran out of the home and told him Dalton had a gun and would not let her leave.

Dalton then told the officer that he needed to leave his property before he got killed. Several deputies arrived on scene and asked Dalton to put his gun down and come out of his house, to which he repeatedly refused to do.

He eventually told deputies he would talk to the Assistant Police Chief if all of the other officers moved their cars back one block and turned their lights off, which they did. That's when Dalton charged the two officers left to speak with him, causing a struggle to ensue. Eventually, they were able to get him under control and place him under arrest.

Dalton later told police that he was just angry after an argument with his wife. He said during that argument he was trying to scare his wife, so he unloaded his gun and tried to force her to put it to his head and pull the trigger.

He is charged with domestic assault and battery, threatening to perform violence and resisting an officer, all of which are misdemeanors.

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