Fort Sill doctor named president of USAFP

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - A huge honor for one Fort Sill doctor as he was named the President of the Uniform Services Academy of Family Physicians.

On Sunday, Maurer began his term the president of the USAFP, a group of family physicians from all branches of the military. He said they are a worldwide group whose main focus is on education and advocacy for issues that are important to military medicine

Colonel Douglas Maurer said part of their work involves advocating for family practice physicians to take on leadership roles.

"As physicians, we advocate for family physicians to be the Swiss army knife, we can do everything. We do operational medicine as well as any other specialty. When folks are looking to be deployed, family physicians are generally the most deployed next to surgeons. Since the cure for trauma is a general surgeon in an operating room, but we tend to take care of more patients. Not everyone needs a surgeon but almost everyone needs a doctor down range," Maurer said.

Colonel Maurer said their biggest area of focus in the academy is in education.

"We had a course for advanced life-saving in obstetrics. We were training people how to take care of pregnancies that are in distress at the time of delivery. We offered a lot of simulation training, there's a big emphasis to teach folks how to do trauma. It's hard to just have that naturally happen because those are rare events in the United States, so you have to have simulators to do that," Maurer said.

Maurer was placed into this position after an election open to all members of the organization, which he said makes his new role even more special.

"It's an honor, this is your peers. This is the highest level you can get in the military form this type of role. You see some people in those roles and you don't think you'd ever be standing there," Maurer said.

Maurer's new role will likely be helpful for Fort Sill, as he will be able to take what he sees here locally on a daily basis as they determine the important issues in military medicine.

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