Social media posts of OKC officer helping out goes viral

Social media posts of OKC officer helping out goes viral

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KOKH/CNN) - An Oklahoma City man shared his experience on social media over the weekend when an officer helped him out when he was having motorcycle trouble.

It was a simple act of kindness which quickly turned into a viral post.

"People were like, make it public. Ok, and now it's huge. I know, I got like six or seven different messages," Jon Hill said.

Sunday afternoon, Hill said he started having issues with his bike near Spring Crossing Road and Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City.

"As I'm sitting there this officer pulls up next to me, not behind me, he pulled up next to me," Hill said. "I could see him kind of checking in, like he was letting people know where he was at."

So Hill walked up to Officer Mitchell's car and pleaded his case.

"He pulled up to the window and said, 'hey man what's up?' I was like, 'what's up man? You guys all right and stuff?' and he let me know what's going on and everything," Officer Mitchell said.

Hill said during the whole situation, there was no hostility.

"He didn't get aggressive. He didn't tell me to back up. He wasn't hostile at all."

As a matter of fact, Officer Mitchell offered to help Hill to get to his destination which was about a mile away.

"I was worried that he was going to drive down the road a little bit of ways and the bike would have the same issues," Officer Mitchell said. "Somebody would rear end him, hit him. There's a lot of bad bike accidents."

Hill said he posted the picture to let the public know that not all officers are bad.

"I'm tired of people preaching separation between the public and law enforcement," Hill said. "Sometimes you have a bad run-in. Usually, it's because you didn't follow the commands correctly."

Hill said he knows he must have looked intimidating to Officer Mitchell.

He is a professional MMA fighter and had two black eyes.

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