Comanche County road projects continuing into spring months

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - Road construction projects are ramping up in Comanche County this spring. There are projects in the design phase, in the middle of construction, and just finished up.

A new bridge northwest of Sterling on Wolf Road opened this week, and drivers were able to drive across the bridge. County Commissioner Dow Hawthorne says a few projects like one on Airport Road and a low water crossing on Bishop Road are underway.

"We have been trying to replace all the low water crossings that have traffic over them to make them safer," Hawthorne said.

Other roads in the county will be repaired like 225th Street between Highway 17 to Wolf Road. Baseline Road between Highway 36 and Deyo Mission.

On Thursday, plans were being discussed for a bridge replacement on Cache Road west of Highway 115. It won't happen for a few years, but Hawthorne says this old bridge needs to go.

"Cars are a little bigger and traffic a little faster so just from the safety standpoint it has to be replaced," Hawthorne said.

A bridge on Airport Road between Cache and Gore Boulevard is under construction now. That project and the Bishop Road low water crossing will be completed within the next 100 days. Then you can expect to see a dozen road repairs well into the summer months.

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