WATCH: Wild police chase in Edmond captured on dashcam

Dashcam video shows an intense police chase in Oklahoma City.

Police say a man in a stolen vehicle was driving more than 100 miles per hour down city streets.

The ordeal started around 4 a.m. Saturday morning when police say they found two people breaking into cars in Edmond.

Officers were able to subdue and arrest Natalie Adams, but her 39-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Shaw, got away. They said he hopped into a stolen vehicle and sped north to Logan County, going more than 100 miles per hour.

Officers terminated that initial pursuit for safety reasons. But less than half an hour later, that same black Pathfinder was seen coming back into Edmond.

"They are going about 120 mph headed back into Edmond you can see the suspect going thru all the intersections without braking to Fairfax Drive," Edmond police's Jennifer Wagnon said.

At that point, the lead car tried to force a spin out. Instead, the suspect ran up on the curb, then through a guard fence and down ten feet into a ravine.

When Shaw would not exit the car, officers pulled him out through the sunroof, he then struck an officer. A short fight happened and the officer suffered a broken hand as he battled Shaw to the ground.

"Police work is not pretty. This is what we are dealing with on a very regular basis," Wagnon said. "We have meth, heroin, there were multiple syringes inside the vehicle, credit cards that belonged to multiple people."

In addition, Wagnon said the vehicle he was driving was stolen out of Edmond on March 5.

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