A rally to support teachers held in Marlow

Source: KSWO
Source: KSWO

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) - Over 100 students, teachers and parents lined the street in support of the upcoming teacher walkout in Marlow Wednesday afternoon.

The educators there said they were willing to do whatever it takes to get much needed funding for their classrooms.

Terrie Keck, a first grade teacher, says "I've been in education 40 years.  I've seen it come and go. Now in the past ten years I haven't had a raise. Everyone says it's about a raise -- but it's not. Now I've used this one today: a crayon box has all the supplies you need in it. If it's broken, how you gonna' fix it? And sometimes we don't have the tools we need to fix that crayon box. The crayon box is our schools -- and it needs to be fixed."

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