Lawton community shows support for teacher rally

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Teachers, past educators, students, and community members joined together for the 'Rally on Gore' Wednesday night at Sheridan Rd. and Gore Blvd.

Local teacher Jennifer Atkinson organized the rally to help put a face to the educators who will walking out April 2 if something isn't done about education funding.

"I think it's important for them to know who we are and that we're passionate about what we're doing," she said.

Educator Emily Ozment attended the rally and said she loved hearing all the honking from drivers that passed by. She said everybody was supportive, which encouraged her and her fellow teachers.

"There's always that unknown when you step out for what you believe and you wonder are people going to be behind me and this makes me so hopeful that the community of Lawton is behind us and knows that we're out there for our kids and our future," she said.

Atkinson also found the response from drivers encouraging.

"Hearing this gives me hope that they get it and that they will back us 100% if we do have to walk out," she said.

The rally on the corner almost ended early when a security guard told them they couldn't be on private property. But after police were called for disturbing the peace, officers told them they could stay because they were on the city's easement.

Carol Miller found out about the rally through 7NEWS,  and quickly made a sign and came over to support the teachers. Miller said there was a walkout back when she went to school in California that lasted seven weeks.

"I am in very much in support of teachers because the reason that they walked out is because they didn't get what they needed, and I hope these teachers do," Miller said.

The Oklahoma Education Association still intends to hold the statewide walkout on Monday, gathering teachers at the capitol to speak with lawmakers.

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