LPS holds districtwide informational meeting for parents

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - An informational meeting was held for parents by principals Thursday night at every school in Lawton to provide information ahead of the April 2 teacher walkout.

For weeks, parents have heard rumors about what will or will not happen in the walkout – and the meeting provided a setting for them to get the facts directly from a school official.

During the meeting, one parent wanted to know why one school in Lawton would close but another wouldn't – but Lawton High School principal Dr. Regina Deloach quickly informed him that a walkout would shut down all Lawton Public Schools.

Officials also explained that the decision to walk out on Tuesday hasn't been made yet, and that they would decide by 6 p.m. Monday whether or not they'll have classes the next day.

Theresa Gonzales, a parent of a Freshman at LHS, said she came to make sure she knew what was going on.

"You don't want to do the fiction part," she said. "I don't want her attendance to be messed up or her grades. If she misses school because I listen to rumors, her grades are going to be affected."

The Head Principal at Lawton High, Dr. Regina DeLoach, said she was pleasantly surprised to see around 100 people there and showing interest.

"Whenever you're making changes in any way, it's always important to have the community involved," she said. "Especially our parents because it makes the process a lot easier."

She hoped that people walked away with a sense of security knowing that they'd be notified if a walkout happens. Dr. DeLoach said she's been asked the most about extracurricular activities and wants parents and students to know that they're still going on as planned.

One rumor that scares Gonzales is that the walkout is going to last months.

"I hope they get what they need, what they want and that it's over with as quickly as possible so kids can get back to school and they don't have to go to school forever...everybody wants their summer breaks," Gonzales said.

If somebody missed the districtwide meetings, and have questions about the possible walkout and how it could impact their student, Dr. DeLoach said to contact their principal.

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