Duncan teachers paint cars ahead of walkout

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Ahead of the teacher walkout on Monday, teachers part of the Association of Duncan Educators voiced their demands for pay raises and increased education funding by writing those messages on their cars.

"We just want to make our voices heard," said Chrisie Young, teacher. "Teachers don't typically speak up and we are passionate, and we are united right now."

"It's not just about them it's about us too," said Paige Zetterberg, fifth grade student.

Duncan teachers like Chrisie Young and their students like Paige Zetterberg painted numerous cars today with two words: fund education. They thought chalking would help to spread their demands quicker.

Teacher Jamie Rowell said the about $6,100 pay raise and $50 million tax package that passed from state leaders this week is simply not enough.

"That's going to amount to about $76 a kid in the state of Oklahoma," said Rowell. "$76 does not buy a textbook. Fifty million dollars is not enough."

Paige said textbooks and lack of supplies in the classroom is something she's witnessed firsthand.

"Sometimes my teachers have to bring their own papers," said Zetterberg.

"Students need chairs and desk that aren't old and worn out," said Rowell. "They need quality teachers who are qualified to teach the subjects they are teaching. Teachers are leaving the state of Oklahoma at an alarming rate, and we need to stop that."

She said her hope is that they will get one step closer to getting their demands met and gain the community's support along the way.

"What we are able to do today will impact the future of Oklahoma and people showing their support just helps teachers know that we are doing the right thing because that's what we are all about," said Rowell. "We are here for kids and want to do the right thing for Oklahoma's future."

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