Duncan teachers head to Oklahoma State Capitol

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Duncan teachers were among those who went to the capitol Monday morning to rally with other teachers in hopes of talking to lawmakers about lack of school funding and teacher pay.

Around 100 Duncan educators loaded charter buses that New Hope Baptist Church let them use and they were gone before the sun was up. Sonia Norton is a Duncan teacher, who has taught for the past 39 years and she said they're walking for the students.

"I think it's good that they would stand out in the cold for what's right because they deserve a raise and we deserve to get better textbooks," Duncan student Landon Holdthaus said.

Norton said she's excited and nervous about the teacher walkout but said she knows she has people backing her.

"We're good to go," she said. "We have a parent group giving us sack lunches, so we've got great support here in Duncan. We're excited and ready to go."

It wasn't just sacked lunches, Viridian coffee served the teachers donuts and coffee as they got on the bus, and supporters lined the streets as they left.

"We came out here to support our teachers because they support us," Duncan student Kierney Holdthaus said.

Norton said this walkout is ten years in the making. She said they're all passionate about their students and getting proper funding for schools.

"We're all compassionate, and we're all caring about students, and we want to be the very best we can be," Norton said. "So if we have the right funding then we can be good we can have dedicated certified teachers in the classroom to teach the students.If we have the funding we have the textbooks, we have the materials."

Norton said she's looking forward being with other Oklahoma educators and seeing what lawmakers have to say.

"I hope that they change the funding or gather the funding that we need for the textbooks and just school funding. I hope that they give us more money for raises, maybe not this year but in the future to keep those dedicated certified teachers in the classroom," Norton said.

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