Governor Fallin issues press release after Day 1 of the teacher walkout

Governor Fallin issues press release after Day 1 of the teacher walkout
(Source State of Oklahoma)

OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok (KSWO) - After an estimated 30,000 people descended on the State Capitol in Oklahoma City on Monday to protest for more education funding, Governor Mary Fallin has issued a statement on the situation.

The full release is below:

"I appreciate teachers coming to the Capitol today to talk with their elected officials. During the past three years, I have called for an increase in teacher salaries.  I was very proud to join with leaders of both parties to sign the largest teacher pay increase in Oklahoma's history.  This legislation will provide an average teacher pay raise of $6,000 to our teachers.  That is a 16 percent average pay increase for teachers.  An additional $50 million was allocated for the state aid funding formula and textbooks.  In total, this represents a 19.74 percent increase in the appropriations for public schools. 

"Just like Oklahoma families, we are only able to do what our budget allows.  Significant revenue-raising measures were approved to make this pay raise and additional school funding possible.  We must be responsible not to neglect other areas of need in the state such as corrections and health and human services as we continue to consider additional education funding measures.  I look forward to continuing to talk with legislative leaders and teachers as we forge a positive pathway forward for education."

Many school districts across the state say they will continue to rally at the capitol every day until more funding is provided for education in the state.

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