Educators and students rally outside of McDonald's for teacher walkout

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Teachers and students were out showing their support for the teacher walkout this morning at the McDonald's on Cache Road.

Nearly two dozen teachers and students held signs that read, "Support Our Education Needs" and,"Negotiate not Dictate." They said they're proud to see their co-workers, amongst the more than 30,000 people at the State Capitol voicing their concerns.

Jessica Somerville is a substitute teacher for Lawton Public Schools. She said the teacher walkout is all about the students. 

"If they are not getting what they need in school to get through then it's going to be a problem the rest of their lives and I want them to have the best education they can get," said Somerville.

Chantalle Mooney is the daughter of a teacher and knows the struggles they face everyday especially when it comes to supplies. Mooney said her little sister is not getting the same education she got when she was in school.

"She doesn't have the resources and because there is not enough funding those resources are not made available to her and she is growing up not having those things," said Mooney.

Chelsea Young is a second grade teacher at Freedom Elementary School. She hopes lawmakers can understand why funding is so crucial and how the teacher walkout will impact students.

"Absolutely the kids are worth it and so we believe in getting the proper funding for them for the future generations that haven't even started school yet to make sure they have everything they need to be successful," said Young.

The group rallied for about two hours today. McDonald's also changed their sign to show support for the cause.

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