Walters provide free breakfast and lunch during teacher walkout

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

WALTERS, Ok (RNN Texoma) -Walters Public Schools is providing free breakfast and lunch for students during the teacher walkout.

Several students said getting free breakfast and lunch was the perfect way to stay energized while getting to hang out with their friends. They said while they support the teacher walkout, they're ready for lawmakers to make a decision so they can go back to school.

Chicken sandwiches, carrots, sliced apples, chips and milk were on the menu at the school cafeteria in Walters.

"I'm really grateful. It gives me time to do stuff," said 8th grade student Skylar Lawrence.

"I'm happy that we can eat something get our energy up for our daily activities and I think the teachers are very kind for that," said 6th grade student Landon Hart.

The meals were made possible through a Seamless Summer food grant.Child Nutrition Clerk Laura Pennington said she is grateful for a program that provides meals for kids who may not get one during the teacher walkout.

"The school cares about them. I know a lot of people feel like they are walking out on kids, but that was there number one worry is making sure these kids are taking care off," said Pennington.

Skylar Lawrence lives nearby and walked to the cafeteria. He supports the teacher walkout and said there needs to be more funding in schools to make sure students get the very best education.

"We need one to get a job and get through life," said Lawrence.

His classmate Antonio Hendricks agrees. He's glad teachers from Walters are supporting a cause that means a lot to them.

"The teachers are trying to get more money so we can get more up to date textbooks for our classes so we don't learn stuff for two years ago," said Hendricks.

Students said time away from school is relaxing, but they hope lawmakers can decide on a plan soon.

"I don't want to stay in school longer than I have too because I have stuff to do in the summer, but I really want them to get that raise so we don't get extra and maybe have to go to school during the summer," said Hart.

Some of the students walked to the cafeteria while others rode bikes or were dropped off by their parents.
Breakfast and lunch is free for any student during the Walkout. The cost for parents is $4 dollars. Breakfast is served from 8:15 until 9:15 and lunch is from 11:45 until 1:00.

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