Local group in support of teacher walkout writes letters to lawmakers

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A local group called Women United for Action or WUFA is hoping to make an impact in the statewide teacher walkout by writing letters to change the minds of legislators.

"As Oklahoma residents we are tired of being last or at the bottom of many of these things," said Katie Hubbard, WUFA leadership member. "Our students need just as much access to great education as other states. Our teachers deserve to be paid and compensated for work they are doing."

Hubbard said many who are part of their group have worked in the education system.

Marlene Jones was is one of them. As a former principal and teacher, Jones says now is the time to make a way for those behind her to have opportunities she did not have.

"We just feel like education is vitally important to the state," she said. "We know that businesses will not come to our state if we don't have good schools. We are concerned about the fact that we have teachers that aren't qualified to teach."

Along with those concerns Jones said school buildings in the area need repairs and teachers need more resources to supply students with what they need.

"We need textbooks we need technology, we need things for the students," she said. "So, their walkout is not simply for salaries, but it's for the whole school system."

Which is the message Hubbard said she hopes gets across to those who can make a difference.

"The representatives are there to represent us and they need to make sure that they are representing what we actually believe in," said Hubbard. "So, the way to do that is to let them know. If that's phone calls, emails, going to the capitol whatever avenue you have to showcase that we want to encourage that. Because that's how we make a change."

Some members of WUFA also plan to head back out to the state capitol for as long as it takes to get their voices heard.

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