Oklahoma House votes on internet sales tax bill

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) - The Oklahoma House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted in support of an internet sales tax bill that legislators believe could help bring the statewide teacher walkout to a close.

House lawmakers voted 92-7 in favor of House Bill 1019XX  with every lawmaker from Southwest Oklahoma in favor.

1019XX would require third-party retailers on Amazon to collect sales tax for Oklahoma and is expected to bring in $20 million dollars annually for education.

The bill will head to the senate Thursday -- along with House Bill 1013XX ball-and-dice legislation that's also projected to bring in an annual 20-million dollars.

Oklahoma Education Association president Alicia Priest praised the passage of 1019XX, saying, quote, "Our win for kids today was only possible because of the energy educators and students have brought to the Capitol this week. But our elected leaders have more work to do for our students."

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