Road closures discussed in construction project meeting

Road closures discussed in construction project meeting

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Closures and future closures were the main topics Thursday night at the community update meeting for the 52nd street construction project.

Billy Tramell, the project manager, said 53rd street from Gore to Columbia closed to through traffic just this week, and only allows drivers to go one-way.

"There is very limited space to stop, turn around, or back up," Tramell said. "So, just be careful, mindful, and don't drive around the barricades."

Councilman Caleb Davis said he wants to make sure residents stay informed because it's such a large project and effects many people.

"Getting the people the information on how the project is coming, where it's going to next, how the traffic is going to flow is very important for their convenience," he said.

Tramell announced that in the next month, Gore Blvd. in front of Eisenhower, will be down to one lane.

"We'll take the turn lane out, and we'll take the north lanes that currently run west, and we'll pull all three of those, and then you'll have the southbound lanes that run east currently will have traffic going both directions," Tramell said.

With traffic being reduced to one lane, the speed limit will also be reduced to ten miles-per-hour,  which Davis and Tramell both warned will probably cause congestion.

"Just start thinking that way," Tramell said. "I need extra time to get ready in the morning, I need extra time to get the kids to school or your brother or sister to the schools, drop them off, and the routes are going to be congested. So just be mindful of that."

Tramell expects Gore to be down to one lane for about a month weather permitting. He doesn't anticipate having to close Gore entirely but said it could happen only in a worst-case scenario.

Councilman Davis plans to hold another meeting next month. He will post the time and date on his Facebook page.

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