President & CEO provides fun activities for students during teacher walkout

President & CEO provides fun activities for students during teacher walkout
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ALTUS, Ok (KSWO) -The President and CEO of the Red River Federal Credit Union in Altus and Lawton is making sure kids have something to do during the teacher walkout.
Since Monday Kerry Bull has provided several activities for his employee's children and on Friday he took them bowling at Town and Country in Altus.

He knew it would be a tough week on parents because school is closed, so he decided to step in and help. The kids said they've been having fun all week long!  They rushed through the doors at Town and Country Bowling Alley waiting to get the fun started.

Fourth grade student Jayden Pelkey couldn't wait to play against his friend Alex. They went back and forth trying to see who could win the most points.

"Umm it's kind of even between me and Alex right now," said Pelkey.

For parents who work at the Red River Federal Credit Union this week has been a huge a surprise. Since schools are closed the credit union's President and CEO, Kerry Bull made sure his employee's children were take care of during the teacher walkout.

"It was just very helpful because not a lot of people have the money to pay for baby sitters and it does get expensive," said Carney.

Brittany Carney is one the workers at the Red River Federal Credit Union and said she admired Bull for wanting to help out.

"I never expected that. I expected them to stay in the break room all day and relax," Carney said.

But the kids got more than just relaxing in the break room, since Monday they've played basketball, tons of games, and even went to the movies.

"They've had a blast to what they would normally be doing," Carney said.

President and CEO Kerry Bull wanted to show his support and knew how important his employee's and their children meant to the Red River Federal Credit Union.

"First thing we thought of was the financial impact that it could have to them and we didn't want to have that. They would either have to pay for daycare or take a sick day or vacation and this seemed like a reasonable solution," Bull said.

"It's nice to know we are taken care of," Carney said.

Town and Country will continue to supporting educators as the teacher walkout continues. They have games that are $1.50 cents and the $1 dollar will go towards schools in Altus.

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