OK governor candidate makes stop in Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Candidate running for Oklahoma governor made a stop in Lawton on Sunday for a rally he is hosting at different cities across the state. Former state representative Dan Fisher is speaking to communities on his Time for Justice tour.

At Christ Fellowship Church, he listed the key points of his candidacy to Lawton voters, which includes abolishing abortion and audits on the government.

"We have a government that abrogates the authority of the people and does whatever it wants to do," Fisher said. "We have a government that rather than be fiscally responsible, just raises taxes rather than trimming down the fat. We believe that's unjust. So it's time for justice. It's time to get a just government in place in Oklahoma that does not only the right thing, but responds to the consent of the governed rather than just running on its own."

Fisher also added his thoughts on the teacher walkout. He says he was a teacher and understands the needs. But that the teachers got the raise so they need to get back to work and wait for next year's session to get other needs.

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