Teacher walkout keeping bus drivers busy in Duncan

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DUNCAN OK (KSWO) -With schools being closed because of the teacher walkout, bus drivers in Duncan are taking advantage of this time to get ahead and make sure buses are serviced and ready for students when they return.

While bus drivers haven't been able to follow their normal routine of dropping or picking students up, they're doing other things that stay busy.

"We have been innovative and come up with some training that's been necessary, we had some buses that need to be serviced and keep up the maintenance," Taliaferro said.

On top of that they've been keeping the buses clean by washing them, sweeping the floors and cleaning the windows.

Bus drivers have also dropped students off at games in the afternoon and made an alternative route for students who take classes at the VO Tech Center or had ACT testing last Tuesday.

Lee Ann Millan is the Transportation Director and said having extra time allows her employees to review protocols and polices they have in place.

"We are keeping them busy, they are able to be a little more flexible as far as their hours, and we just want to make sure they are working and doing what they can to get by," Millan said.

Charlotte Pyle is retired and has driven buses for 10 years. With schools closed, she said the extra time allows them to travel their routes and review or take a closer look at any areas that may cause them a little trouble.

"Like trees in the road, potholes in the road, making note of all those bad places that we need to avoid and correct if we can," Pyle said.

While the drivers support educators rallying at the Capitol, they also want to be back in school on their normal routine.

"We miss our kids, we know all of our kids by name and we miss seeing them. We run into them around town from time to time and get to say hi, but yes we miss our kids," Taliaferro said.

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