Walkout leaves foreign exchange student uncertain when she'll return home

CACHE, OK (KSWO) - The teacher walkout has caused many schools across the state to close which could cause schools to extend their school years, and a foreign exchange student at Cache High School doesn't know how this walkout could impact her going home.

Bella Kofoed said she decided to come to America from Australia because she wanted to experience a different culture and because of the walkout, she said she could be a part of history.

Prior to the walkout, she and her classmates went to the state capitol to ask lawmakers to "Find a Way." The news of the walkout is being talked about around the world and Kofoed said the news reached her parents before she had told them much about it.

"They started messaging me saying 'it's all over the news. What is going on?'" Kofoed said.

She said her parents were confused about what was going on, so she broke it down for them. Kofoed said she and her parents are understanding about her being out of school.

"It doesn't bother me too much, it doesn't bother them too much, but I do want to hopefully go back to school before I leave," Kofoed said. "I'm sure will happen, but I don't know when yet."

Kofoed is hopeful that everything will work out, and she'll be able to finish her semester at Cache –  but she said she doesn't mind staying longer. She said witnessing the walkout while having a teacher as her host mother has given her a different perspective she can take back with her.

"I'll just be able to tell everyone what it's like to stand up for your point of view more and to be able to go up to the capitol, watch Lori go up to the capitol and stand up for what you believe in," Kofoed said.

Kofoed's host mom said a note was put in Oklahoma exchange student's monthly evaluation, letting officials back home know the walkout is taking place.

Her ticket home is set for a week after school is supposed to get out.

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