Community raising money to build ramp for teen after she was hit by a car

CACHE, OK (KSWO)- Friends and family of the 19-year-old girl who was hit by a car in Cache are working to build her a wheelchair ramp.
Police said Jazlyne McCallister was using the crosswalk near the High School when she was struck by a car. She was flown to OU medical center with serious injuries.

Her mom told 7NEWS over the phone that she is doing okay, and they are grateful she is alive. She's already had three surgeries, but once she is released she will have to use a wheel chair for about 4 months. Her family said it means a lot that so many people want to make things easier for her.

Jazlyne McCallister is a senior at Cache High School Senior and has a passion for helping children with special needs.

"She Is a really good girl, she is funny and awesome, she likes to make people laugh," Selby- Adrahtas said.

Kimberly Selby-Adrahtas is a close family friend. She said when she heard that Jazlyne was hit, she knew she had to do something. On, Tuesday she posted a Facebook story and received an outpouring of support.

"We've already had 50 probably people volunteer to help," Selby- Adrahtas said.

Including the Great Plains Technology Center. Jazlyne is taking courses in their Teacher Prep Program.

"When people need something Great Plains is always there. That's our job to help people. We are instructors and we are teachers. With all the teacher things going on we are here to help others and we are excited to help this family and to make things least challenging as we possibly can."
Great Plains has offered to build the wheelchair ramp with donations from the community," Jenkins said.

Her teacher said this project will be a team effort.

"We have a fantastic carpentry program, they will do an outstanding job. They are excited, we are excited. This will be great for our whole school to get involved," Jenkins said.

"I'm just overwhelmed .We all are the out pouring response from  Cache and from Lawton both," Selby- Adrahtas said.

Jazlyne will remain the hospital for a few more days. The Great Plains Technology Center will be building the ramp, but the family still needs help getting wood, and other supplies. There is a donation fund set up at the All American Bank in Cache, and there's also Go Fund Me Page to help with travel and other expenses.

If you would like to volunteer send an email to Amy Jenkins at

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