Blind man travels 278 miles to Lawton alone, on horseback

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A blind man from Bartlesville has spent the last two weeks traveling on horseback, making his way to Lawton for the monthly meeting of the Buffalo Soldiers.

For his journey, J.W. Wolfman Black was only accompanied by his horse, Topaz. It took 13-days and spanned more than 270 miles. Wolfman said there were several reasons he felt compelled to make his two-week long journey.

"In order to show my respect to the buffalo soldiers, the pioneers of old. The adventure, the relaxation and to see if I can do it in my condition. And I made it," Wolfman said.

That condition Black is talking about?

"I am legally, 100-percent blind, even though I do things I'm not supposed to, it puts things in question. Due to my belief in God and my determination, I try to get things done," Wolfman said.

Wolfman's goal was to travel 25 miles each day, just him and his trusty pal Topaz, heading down the highway together.

"She's 17 years old, she's half Arabian, half mustang. I've owned her for 14 years, she's thrown me 3 times, damaged me all three. But we've gotten over that and she's my best friend on the road right now," Wolfman said.

Wolfman and Topaz camped every night wherever they could find a safe place. Then, they'd wake up early and hit the road again, headed to Lawton.

"On the highway, of course listening to the cars. I had two cell phones that used Siri navigator, it gave me most of my directions, let alone going by the sun and the sound of the cars. And Topaz is a great seeing eye horse."

But, traveling down the highway can sometimes be dangerous and Wolfman said they did have one issue.

"We even got hit by a truck in Chickasha at about 6:12 a.m. where the guy lost a mirror on the passenger side of his truck, it made Topaz buckle a little bit. It got Topaz, the saddle bag and me," Wolfman said.

Wolfman said he feels finishing this trip truly sends the message to challenge yourself, but to also make sure you're prepared for that challenge.

"I wanted to prove that I could do it, not just in my condition but to let other young people know, other disabled people know, anybody that can take a challenge or a ride like this that if you're not mentally or physically prepared, don't try it. But I found out thanks to my beliefs and the support of my fellow Buffalo Soldiers and my craziness, it got done," Wolfman said.

Wolfman said it was an exhausting journey but he feels like celebrating this accomplishment. And don't worry about Topaz, Wolfman said she's tired but is doing just fine. Fortunately, they do have a ride back to Bartlesville so they'll both be able to relax on the way home.

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