Tiny town houses coming to Medicine Park

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - One couple is working to bring ten tiny houses that are available for rent to the Cobblestone community of Medicine Park.

Tiny houses have been gaining popularity in recent years.  The homes in Medicine Park will run eight feet wide by 8.5 feet tall by 20 feet long.

"It's just a return to minimalist living and something that sort of getting back to a simpler time. Focusing on the outdoors, which is an amazing thing to focus on here in Medicine Park," said one of the project developers, Julie Jennings.

Jennings and the other Project Developer Noel Alsbrook say they also have a vision of what the inside of the homes will look like.

"We will have a studio in that the bedroom is not a separate bedroom, it's a bedroom with a kitchen and living space together and then a separated off bathroom. They'll have a full bath," Alsbrook said.

Alsbrook said he hopes to have the project complete by this time next year and when it's done, he believes it will offer a great opportunity for people to move to Medicine Park.

"Often people on a moderate income can't afford to live there anymore. That's kind of been the case with Medicine Park. We've come to a place where the average low-end rent is $1,200 per month. If you're a student or a restaurant worker or one of our hourly town workers, it's very hard to live here so you have to drive in," Alsbrook said.

Alsbrook said he anticipates the homes will cost roughly half of what people currently pay.

"What we're shooting for is to rent somewhere in the $600 to $675 range, all bills paid, including internet. Some might say that's not affordable but a brand-new place, very modern, very classy with all your bills covered, you have one payment to make a month," Alsbrook said.

We are still at least a year away from the homes being available for rent and they haven't even broken ground yet, but when they do start construction, there will be an effort to make the building fit the cobblestone style of Medicine Park while also having its own, modern style.

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