Duncan school buses equipped with new stop-arm cameras

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The Duncan Public School District has new safety measures in place to help reduce the number of drivers who ignore school bus stop signs.

Stop-arm camera are designed to catch people in action if they try to cross a school bus when their stop sign is out, they're also used to help keep kids safe.

"It will get the front of the the car as it's coming through and then as it passes it also gets the rear of the car because in order to get a conviction or violation actually processed all the way through the system you have to be able to identify the driver and give the full plate number," Millan said.

Lee Ann Millan is the Director of Transportation and said the purpose of the stop-arm camera is to deter drivers from driving past the stop sign on the bus.

"It's always been a problem for the buses with parents, even parents crossing or people in the neighborhood crossing when we are stopping. We've even had whole lines of cars cross," Youngblood said.

Chandria Youngblood has been a bus driver for 23 years and in that time she said she has seen numerous drivers break the law.

"When the students are crossing they are in danger for the people to hit them or to maybe catch their back pack and pull them down and drag them," Youngblood said.

But now she doesn't have to worry about trying to catch people in action all thanks to the new devices that were purchased through a school bond that passed last year.The stop-arm camera's are already on 4 school buses and according to Millan Duncan is the first school in Stephens county to have them.

They've already seen their first violation last month, happening right in front of a police officer.

"The officer was justt pulling out of the gas station and the bus monitor was crossing the student and she just start laying on the horn and the car jus zoomed right by, did not yield or stop," Millan said.

The fine for failing to stop for a school bus in Oklahoma is $300 hundred dollars and your license could also be revoked for a year. Youngblood said the new devices have already been a huge help.

"We don't have to be on the constant lookout for what the cars look like and what the people look like when can do our job a little easier because the cameras are watching out for us," Millan said.

The district's goal is to upgrade their entire fleet with stop-arm camera's.

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