Tillman Co. firefighters lend a helping hand to NWOK

FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) - As fires continue to burn across much of Western Oklahoma, crews from Tillman County are doing their part to help other departments in need.

Volunteers from every department in Tillman county headed North to help fight a fire in Taloga, Oklahoma on Wednesday. But, they never actually made it to Taloga, as on the way they got a call and were diverted to Weatherford, where they were up all night fighting a fire.

Every department in Tillman County contributed to the task force.

"Grandfield, Davidson, Tipton, Manitou, Hollister and then Frederick is a fire department, not a volunteer. They do have some volunteers with them but they took their command pickup and a tanker and each of the volunteer departments took a brush truck with them," said Tillman County Emergency Manager Randy Hasley.

When they arrived in Weatherford, the firefighters from Tillman County worked all night, relieving the firefighters from that area, allowing them to get a few hours of much-needed rest before they got back to work.

"If you're out there fighting a fire, you're stressed, you're trying to get a fire out, you're moving, you're doing a lot of extra work that you probably normally don't do. You're going run out of energy and be tired," Hasley said.

Much of the state is in very high fire danger. Fortunately, there haven't been any major fires in Tillman County in recent days, but, because of days like yesterday, they know if they ever need help, they've got it.

"We build a relationship with other counties, other parts of the state because there will be a time, hopefully not soon or hopefully never. Sometimes they may have to come help us, bail us out," Hasley said.

Most of the firefighters in Tillman County are volunteers, meaning they also work full-time jobs as well. Hasley said they're thankful they have a community that supports firefighters and allows them to help out when they're needed.

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