Local family remembers Clarence Wilson, Oklahoma City bombing victim

Local family remembers Clarence Wilson, Oklahoma City bombing victim
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Family, friends, and survivors across the state are remembering the 168 people who were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. Thursday marked the 23rd anniversary of the tragic attack.  A monument was built one year after the attack in honor of Clarence Wilson--- a Lawton man killed during the bombing.

"This monument is something that they can't destroy," Bernice McGee, Clarence Wilson sister. "They took him, but they didn't take his memory."

On the anniversary of the bombing, some visited Clarence Wilson's monument for solace and read about his life and accomplishments. Others brought flowers and posted new signs in his memory.

His sister Bernice McGee was one of them. She said for years she took care of the monument on her own.

"After so many years I was getting too old to come over and climb over these rocks so I pleaded and begged for help for someone to assist me," said McGee.

That help came from RunLawton, a local group that stepped in to spruce up the area around the monument. Each year members of the group put down new mulch and flowers.

"I think it's very important," said Rose McCollum. "Not only for his family but also the local community that does have ties to what happened in Oklahoma City."

"There are earthy angels and they're my earthly angels who keep the monument and memorial going," said McGee. "I do appreciate it very much."

Although McGee will never forget her brother and those who lost their lives in the bombing, she said she chooses to keep his memory alive by focusing on the positive and what she knows her brother would say to her now.

"Oh look sister, well that's nice now," said McGee. "You know I really go for that thank you. He was a very appreciative person."

Members of RunLawton plan to wear bibs in memory of Clarence for the Oklahoma City Memorial Run April 29.

If you would like a running bib you can visit Bennett Office Equipment on 7th and B Ave in Lawton.

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