Women's Haven hosts town hall meeting on sexual assault

Women's Haven hosts town hall meeting on sexual assault
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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- In observance of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Women's Haven hosted a town hall meeting on Thursday at Cameron University's Duncan campus.

"We need to bring more awareness and knowledge to our community on consent, on victim blaming, on really supporting and believing our victims and survivors," said Cora Thomas, Executive Director Women's Haven.

Thomas said sexual assaults affect 17-percent of women and 3-percent of men nationwide.

She said this year's theme of Sexual Assault Awareness month, 'Embrace Your Voice' speaks to everyone.

"All clients, all victims, men, women of sexual assault and domestic violence in Stephen's County," said Thomas.

At the meeting, their goal was to spark a conversation about rape and other forms of sexual assault.

Guest Speaker Michelle Stansel addressed various topics including Healthy Relationships, Victim Blaming, and clarifying the meaning of consent.

Thomas said her hope was that visitors at the event left with the knowledge to help prevent sexual assault and the confidence to speak their truths.

"We're really wanting our community to have power in their voice so, we can bring awareness to this sexual assault and eventually eliminate sexual assault," she said.

This Saturday Women's Haven also plans to hold a Sexual Assault Awareness Walk at Fuqua Park.

If you are victim of sexual assault you can call the Woman's Haven crisis hotline 580-252-HELP.

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