Construction on SE 45th street causes confusion for drivers

Driver southbound on SE 45th street stops to turn in northbound lane. (Source: KSWO)
Driver southbound on SE 45th street stops to turn in northbound lane. (Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The ongoing construction on Southeast 45th street between Lee and Gore is causing some confusion and problems for some drivers.

The construction started back in October, but recently police have seen and heard about problems in the construction zone.

On Wednesday, a woman high centered her car while trying to get to a business on Southeast 45th street. An employee at Subway said that incident wasn't even the first time they'd seen a car drive into the construction work.

Cars are also getting into the wrong lane when turning into SE 45th street, which blocks the roadway for drivers trying to get onto 45th street. Sgt. Timothy Jenkins said it's dangerous for drivers to drive in the wrong lane, as it could cause a head-on collision.

"So we want you to be mindful that if you're coming out of a business make sure you see the yellow lines," he said. "That means it's going two different ways. Don't go one way thinking it's all one-way traffic. Cause it's not, it's two different ways."

Officials with Oklahoma Department of Transportation said they're going to look at the cones to see if they can make it less confusing for drivers.

Sgt. Jenkins said if a driver sees someone coming towards themselves head-on, they should try to get out of their way, and let the driver know if possible.

"If you're able to call when you get off that road and pull over and call the police and let us know and we'll come out and check on it but never keep going when somebody is driving towards you," he said. "If you're able to pull over, pull over and let that person past you. Even though it does take a little bit of time out of your commute, you're safe."

The construction isn't just causing problems for drivers – it's also keeping one business from opening. Charity McGarvey, the owner of Mac's American Ice, said this is the first time in eight years they won't be open; but they ultimately felt it was the best decision.

"Just for the safety because a lot of times in our busy hours the traffic gets backed up anyways and so we didn't want to cause any more trouble that way," McGarvey said.

McGarvey hopes that the east side customers will go to their stand on 67th street, between Gore and Cache – until the east side stand opens again next year.

ODOT said construction is about halfway done and is on track to be completed in July.

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