State motorcycle group spreads Christian gospel through Medicine Park

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO)- A group of bikers rode through Medicine Park on Friday, they're part of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. This is the first year the state rally has been held in Medicine Park.

Leslie McGovern has been a member of the organization for 25 years. She and her husband are area representatives.

She traveled four hours to participate in the state rally and ride through Medicine Park for the first time.

"We love to look at all of God's creations all the beautiful scenery," said McGovern. "This is an especially beautiful area."

She said she's looking forward to the worship services this weekend, fellowship and of course more bike rides.

State Coordinator Steve Brackeen said his hope is that people will see their logo as they ride through town and will want to join in the festivities.

"We don't want people to be scared of motorcyclists," said Brackeen. "I mean if you see someone with this patch on their back, we are here to love people, show them Jesus Christ and just have a good time with them."

Which what National Evangelist John Ogden said the weekend is all about.

"Just an opportunity to pray for people and see God move in their lives, he said.

As for McGovern, she said the state rally is not only a great opportunity for her to meet new people but also set an example for those watching.

"We need to be out in the world so, that people can see how much fun you can have as a Christian and all the activities that we can do,' she said. 'And then we can share the love of Jesus with all that we run into."

If you are not a member of CMA you can still meet up with them Saturday morning at 10 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lawton. There will also be concerts throughout the day on the main stage in Medicine Park.

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