Lawton man finds bull in backyard pool

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton man and his wife found a large surprise in their backyard last night. A bull found its way into their empty pool!

"I was going to let my dog out for the night and as soon as I opened the door I saw a bull in my swimming pool looking at me," said Will Scott, found the bull.

Scott said he found the bull around two o'clock Saturday morning at their home on the west side of Lawton. Apparently, it broke into their gate to get in the backyard, and was trapped in the pool.

Instead of handling the problem at night Scott decided to wait until the daytime to call animal control.

"The bull was very respectful, didn't make a lot of noise," said Scott.

He said this isn't the first animal they've encountered in their backyard.

"A lot of times ducks will fly over and take advantage of the pool. We've had squirrels, rabbits, of course, field mice, snakes from time to time,' said Scott. "But we appear to attract a lot of visitors."

The bull just couldn't stay away. It came back on during the day, this time in their neighbor's front yard.

Scott said their only plan now is to secure all the gates surrounding their backyard and hopefully, eliminate the number of visitors they get.

"But you know if they don't hurt us we won't hurt them," said Scott. "So, I think we could all live peacefully together if we all respect each other."

Animal Control was called out and the bull was taken out of the pool safely. His owner has been contacted as well.

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