MacArthur archery team needs donations to go to nationals

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -MacArthur High Schools archery team is one of the few heading to nationals in Kentucky next week, but in order to go, they need your help.

The team has been fundraising for weeks, but they need $9,000 to go and so far, they've raised a little over $6,000.

This is all a part of The National Archery in the Schools Program. The goal is to improve educational performance for students in grades 4th - 12th. Your donations will help the team pay for food, travel expenses and competition fees. Some of the archers say this sport is everything to them and to have the support from the community means a lot.

"Thank You," said Briana Perkins, student. "Everything has just been hard doing everything kind of by yourself without having support from other places."

"It's another sport that doesn't really get looked at that much and it helps kids go higher in places and builds and takes patience, time to practice and keep working at it," said Caleb Mull, student.

If you would like to make a donation, just contact the school at 580-355-5230.

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