Strong storms tear through parts of Hollister

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HOLLISTER, Ok (RNN Texoma) -Severe storms and strong winds caused significant damage in parts of Tillman County last night. The small town of Hollister was the hardest hit.

Strong wind speeds reaching almost 100 miles per hour blew down power lines on East Grand Avenue, and neighbors said they received almost four inches of rain.

"The wind was the worst, they say there were tornadoes, but I wasn't looking for them, I was hiding," Riley said.

Even though it hasn't been confirmed, The National Weather Service is surveying the area to determine if a tornado actually touched down in Hollister. The chaos was captured by Chayton Humble who was riding with a storm chaser.

"It kind of formed right above us, we saw some micro bursting in the distance and it was just right above us, kind of rain wrapped around us," Humble.

He said the experience was scary.

"Rain was blowing so hard we couldn't even see in front of us and we were having to focus on the road," Humble said.

The storm left trash cans, and large containers scattered in flood waters, and also bent street signs in half. In one man's home the meter pole was completely ripped in half, the only thing that's holding it up are power lines.

"We have been without power for a long fact the storm broke a couple of poles out on the main road, they replaced those this morning, but we haven't had power since early before the storm started," Riley said.
The damage didn't stop there, Riley's radio tower was bent over the back side of his home. At his sister's home across the street, the roof was blown off and a grain silo showed up in her yard.

"It was horrible, we had 100 mile per hour wind and rain blowing straight at you," Washburn.

Buddy Washburn had a similar stories to tell.

"I lost part of my porch and most of my shingles, we got a barn over here that's down, lots of damage," Washburn said.

And just to make to do, a friend hooked up a generator outside his home.

"We can't run everything but we got lights," said Washburn.

Neighbors also said while the storm brought much needed rain to the area, they are still going to work together to fix the damage.

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