National Day of Prayer observed at Lawton City Hall

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Prayer teams were spread out across Lawton on Thursday for National Day of Prayer. This year, those across the United States prayed for unity.

"Every year it just really encourages my heart to be with so many believers," said Nancy Johnson.

Nancy Johnson was one of many residents who took time out of their day to pray at City Hall.

Johnson grew up in the church and was baptized at 32 years old. She said that day changed her life forever.

"For those that don't know Jesus I don't know how you do it," adding, "I couldn't walk and live without Jesus Christ."

Johnson has been participating in the National Day of Prayer for seven years.

On Thursday, she and many others prayed for businesses, families, and education. But Johnson said she also had a specific prayer request.

"My heart is to see the walls of the church come down," she said. "And for all of the churches in Lawton, the pastors and the body of Christ to come together and accomplish what God wants to be accomplished."

"If we can pray together, we can stand together," said Bishop Michael Collins, United in Christ Discipleship International. "If we stand together we are able to walk together. If we're able to walk together we are able to work together. When we are able to work together we are able to build together."

Collins said his hope is people are encouraged to continue to pray throughout the year and Johnson had this message for other believers.

"Begin to seek him again and let him work in their hearts and their minds and bring them back into the body of Christ in the way that he has their plan," said Johnson.

"So, that this city is blessed and that this city becomes the catalyst for unity in America," said Collins. "And it permeates from this city to all surrounding cities as well as Oklahoma and the United States of America."

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