MacArthur Middle School plans to renovate nature sanctuary summer 2018

MacArthur Middle School plans to renovate nature sanctuary summer 2018
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- MacArthur Middle School plans to kick off renovating their outdoor nature sanctuary this summer. Saturday was the fourth annual 'Mac Fest' fundraiser for the sanctuary.

"Even though we live in a very wildlife area around here you don't really have much, but then right here you got such a nice area with all the birds and animals," Ryan Bolin, MacArthur High School student.

Bolin, who is also a boy scout, plans to build 15 birdhouses in the nature sanctuary as part of his Eagle Scout project this summer.

"For bluebirds, wrens and cardinals because they are natural to Oklahoma," said Bolin. "And then I am just going to hang them up on the trees and hopefully bring birds that people can walk around the nature sanctuary and see."

While that happens Erin Berry with the Builders Club over the sanctuary, says other improvements also need to be made.

"I need to have an engineer come out and look at a drainage system to help us replace the sidewalk where it's caved in and things like that," said Berry.

Berry said the festival was geared toward raising money for those renovations. Over the last three years, they acquired $4,000 that will help get plants for the sanctuary.

Berry said her hope is with the community's support they will have the sanctuary ready for students before the new school year.

"Student's need hands-on activities," she said. "Just simply looking in a textbook to learn their lessons is not exciting. Kids these days are so used to the internet and having the technology. So, actually being able to go outside and get their hands dirty and get their hands-on science is what it is all about."

As for Bolin, he sends a message to others in the community and students like himself.

"It's very important to the middle school that we have a nature sanctuary for the kids to use it," he said. "I think it's very important students also help with the upkeep."

MacArthur Middle School is still collecting donations. You can drop off the donations at the school and make checks or payments out to "MMS Builders Club."

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