Bray Doyle Archery team raising money for competition

Bray Doyle Archery team raising money for competition
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -After placing third at nationals, the Bray Doyle archery team is heading to worlds next month, but they need some help with funds.

There are 20 kids on the Bray Doyle archery team and they've been doing a lot of fundraising on their own whether it's selling candy bars, chilli dinners or bingo events, but they still need more money.

This is all a part of the National Archery in the Schools program. The top teams from both divisions of nationals will come together from around the world to compete in Kentucky at worlds. The students say this program and your donations means everything to them and they love being able to represent Southwest Oklahoma well.

"It means so much because we try so hard to do well and it cost so much to do even a small trip," said Faith Archer, student on the team.

"We have some people that are going to three times to nationals and worlds back to back and this team means a lot to everyone because we try, we practice and we want to show everyone that we are Bray, but we are Bray," said Wesley Saltsman, student on the team. "We have something to show for it."

Mr. Eads, Bray Doyle's Superintendent and Archery coach says the team has traveled to Orlando, San Diego and Utah for competitions in the past and each of these places, is a trip of a lifetime.

"It's an experience for a lot of the students," said Eads. "They get to see places that they normally may not have been able to see and have experiences they wouldn't have normally had and without the community's support, none of that is possible."

The competition will be June 7th through the 9th in Louisville.

If you would like to donate to the team, just contact the school at 580-658-5070.

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