Cotton County Sheriff's office searching for owner of abandoned horse

WALTERS, OK (KSWO)- The Cotton County Sheriff's Office is looking for the owner of an abandoned horse that was recently brought to the department.

Authorities believe it may be a Quarter Horse and it weighs about 12-hundred pounds.

"It's kind of amazing I get calls every day of what we are going to do with him, who's taking care of him," said Sheriff Kent Simpson.

Simpson said a farmer found the horse and brought it to the department three weeks ago.

Since then they've been taking care of it at Max Phillip's Arena in Walters with help from others.

"People have been bringing him apples and carrots and feed," said Simpson. "I think they are going to fatten him up real good."

Although Simpson encourages residents to not overfeed it because the department is already feeding it, he said they are surprised by the amount of support they've received from the public.

Not very often we get to see the community come together and helping for causes," he said.

Simpson said their plan is to keep the horse for a couple more weeks, however, if they don't locate the owner they will be forced to sell it at an auction.

"If this is your horse or you think this may be your horse contact the Cotton County Sheriff's Department at 580-875-3383 and we'll see about getting him back to his rightful owner."

Some people in the community have nicknamed the horse "Big John" and plan to continue helping. Green Hengergy Farm in Walters is collecting donations and you can also give directly to the sheriff's office.

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