Set-up underway for Arts for All Festival

LAWTON OK (KSWO) - Set-up is underway for this year's Arts for All Festival. In just two days, over 80 artists from across the country will showcase their work at the event.

The Arts for All Festival is an event for everyone and will be held at Shepler Park on West Gore Boulevard between 4th and 5th streets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Organizers said it takes 7 months to put together and today volunteers and workers started setting up tents and booths for artist and vendors!

Junior Bell is an artist from Texas and he is excited to show off his work.

"I've been doing it for over 20 years and people ask me what I do and I tell them I glue rocks together for a living,"Bell said.

But not just any rocks, he uses floor tiles to make mosaics.

"I beat them up and cut them up and glue them back together the way I did not intend," Bell said.

Bell also makes handmade water foundations and one of his featured pieces is called the Sun.
"I do two more pieces that are called the river and another one called the wave. I like natural materials and I like nature so most of my art involves nature," Bell said.

"I'm anxious to see it I've seen it online, but it's hard to see it until you see it in hand," Gill said.

Since 1988 Kris Gill has been involved with Arts for All.

"That was the first year I started volunteering with it and I thought this is my 30th year, Gill said.

Gill said there are over 80 artists from coast to coast who will be showing off their talents.

"I have a jeweler that's coming from New Mexico, I've got two or three artists from California, Randy Naper on our commercial he is from North Dakota, and I've got an artist I visited with yesterday from Florida," Gill said.

No matter the age there is something for everyone to love.

"We have everything from different kinds of woods, metals, jewelry, photography, water coloring, drawings, paintings and sculptures. It's just a real interesting mix," Gill said.

Artists like Bell said he is looking forward to meeting people in Lawton.

"I met my wife who lived here. So, I'm interested in seeing how people in Lawton react to my art and see if they buy some," Bell said.

The event will start at 4 and go until 8 this Friday. You can come out from 10 to 8 on Saturday, and 11 to 5 on Sunday. Some of the sponsors for the festival include the Comanche Memorial Hospital and the Apache Hotel and casino.

There will also be food trucks, beer and wine and parents no worries there is a free play area for kids. The money earned will go right back to the festival and the 6 member groups that help put it together.

More information can be found on the Arts For all Website.

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