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Michael Bever guilty on all 6 counts

Michael Bever Michael Bever

TULSA, OK (KSWO) -  After close to 5 hours of deliberation, a Tulsa jury found Michael Bever guilty on all 6 counts against him just before 11:00 P.M. Wednesday night.
Michael Bever  was found guilty of 5 counts of first-degree murder and 1 count of assault with intent to kill.

The jury went into deliberation following closing arguments from the state and defense.
The state chose to recite a line from Michael's journal "Once upon a time there were 2 brothers who hated their family, so they killed them. The end."
While the defense argued that Michael was in fear during the killings, but also felt love and admiration of his brother.
911 calls from the night of the murders were the last thing jurors heard before they were dismissed to deliberate.
Michael Bever has now been convicted of murdering both of his parents and three of his siblings in collaboration with his brother, Robert, who has already plead guilty for his part in the crimes.

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