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Warm weather boost business for some

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The warm temperatures are causing some businesses across town to see more customers.

Many people are switching from heat to air conditioning because of the warmer weather, and when people make that change and use their A/C unit for the first time in months, Darryl Robinson with Robinson Air said they should make sure there aren't leaves or anything around the unit. There are also things you can do inside the house.

"The main thing you want to do is make sure that your filters are clean,” Robinson said. ‘I mean that is absolutely the number one thing people can do. Replacing those filters once a month is a huge deal."

He also suggests people check their condensate drain and make sure it's cleared. The weather also means people are getting their pools ready. John Scantlin, the owner of Escapes and more, said he and his employees started opening pools earlier than normal because of the warmer weather we had. He said a lot of people wait too long when it comes to getting their pool ready up and going.

"Keep an eye on the water temperature of your pool,” Scantlin said. “Once the water gets above 62 or 63 degrees, algae starts growing so the pool needs to be open and operating getting the water treated with chemicals along with circulation, so the algae will not grow."

Another thing people do to cool off in the heat is enjoyed a snow cone. Charity McGarvey, the owner of Mac's American Ice, said she opened last Monday and it's been busy because the sweet treats are hard to beat.

"I've always been around snow cones, my husband hasn't always been, but here in Oklahoma it just seems that's just the thing to have in the summertime."

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