Day of Caring in Stephens Co. gives back

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A full day of volunteer work was completed throughout Stephens County on Friday for the annual United Way Day of Caring.  Some volunteers spent their time in a garden planting flowers or painting walls. But at Duncan Little Theater, they spent time sorting through the decades.

"We just never know what we are going to find," Lois Dawn Jones, Duncan Little Theater's president. "It's actually been really funny because when I walked in this morning I think two of our volunteers were in our scarves box. And they were like feel the funky material on this thing and wow that's so cool! And I'm like, if you guys do that with every piece of clothing or item you touch today, you will be here forever!"

Jones said throughout the year new items and props and costumes pulled for productions get tossed back into their storage storefront.

"Having these volunteers here once a year, huge help," Jones said.

The Day of Caring is one of the only times these costumes get organized, which allows better access for people looking to pay to rent out costumes.

"That keeps the lights on literally," Jones said. "With an all volunteer board, not every body knows where everything is as well as some other people do so having things labeled is really important because it's a huge time saver for every body."

Just down the street, students help clear space at Christians Concerned while ceiling tiles are replaced.

With three groups of student volunteers, Day of Caring chairperson Kristen Arrington said some are seeing community action for the first time.

"We are hoping that it creates a life-long love of getting action in the community and just making things better," Arrington said.

About 150 volunteers came out on Friday and worked on 18 different projects across Stephens County. Visit the United Way of Stephens County if you want to get involved.

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