Army uniforms worn by Native Americans needed for exhibit on Post

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - Native American military uniforms are needed for an exhibit. Fort Sill's National Historic Landmark and Museum is asking people to donate the uniforms to be displayed in the museum.

Frank Lisa, the Exhibit Specialist, is hoping to modernize the exhibit. The one they're working on opened back in the early 2000's. Lisa hopes to add more uniforms worn by Native Americans and more about their culture.

"It's important," he said. "The Native American culture and the Native Americans in the Army are important, so we're going to bring that to light."

He said they have a lot of clothing, but they don't have military uniforms, especially from World War II and on. When it's finished, there will be around 15 cases in the room.

"They will have everything from musical instruments, to actual music being played through speakers, hunting stuff, and clothing," Lisa said. "Everything through WWI, Vietnam, Korea, everything like that."

He said the museum tries to take care of everything they get to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. He said the donated uniforms are returned they will look the same as when they were donated.

"If they have stuff sewn onto their uniforms, we won't take it off so their names will be on there," Lisa explained. "We might put something about them in there, it just kinda depends."

The reason why they want more uniforms is to show how Native Americans contributed to the Army.

"If your grandfather served, or your father served, it's a good place to make sure those uniforms and stuff are taken care of and kept for 100 years," he said.

If you'd like to donate a uniform, call the museum's visitor center at 580-442-5123.  Lisa said they'll consider every uniform offered to them.

The exhibit is set to re-open next April.

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