Plain White T's, We the Kings headline AAFB Rock Festival

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - Out on the Altus Air Force Base their Air Force Service Activity's Rock Festival kicked off. Before the show, 7NEWS caught up with the two bands headlining the concert on Saturday night. The Plain White T's and We the Kings both on tour of bases across the US.

Tim Lopez of the Plain White T's says performing for members of the military is a privilege.

"Every single time the feeling is overwhelming for us to meet a lot of people, realize what situation they are in and the appreciation just kind of flows through you when you realize people give their lives so that we get to do this awesome job," Lopez said.

The event was only open to military members and their families who have access to the base.

This is the last date of the bands' Air Force Base tour.

For the band We the Kings, after their first album had some success, they wanted to give back to the military is some way.

"We got in touch as first with Navy Entertainment and they brought us to the Middle East and Africa, Japan," Travis Clark, We the Kings said. "We got to play on the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the middle of the Persian gulf. They let us drive the aircraft carrier, which doesn't seem legal. But it was amazing. It was such a cool experience and right when we got home from that tour we said we needed to do more these."

Also during the show at the Altus Air Force Base Athletic track they had food and games for the families who came out.

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